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Human Rights

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Welcome to my world.  I want you to feel free here.  Grab a cup of coffee, glass of juice, beer, hard liquor. Whatever rocks your boat.  Here is where you can be comfortable.  Here is where you can sit back and examine whatever you want.  I have divided this blog into several sections.

As you can see by the Title I AM A BLACK WOMAN  and I am unapologetic about it.  I am old enough to have seen Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Malcolm X, John and Bobby Kennedy.  I remember the day the first man allegedly landed on the moon.  I also remember when Black people said enough is enough not only here but throughout the world.  I remember Lumumba, the day they captured Nelson Mandela and then sentenced him to Robbins Island.  Found out about the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham and the death of 4 black girls not much younger than me when I stepped into Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

I have marched for equal access for Blacks, equal rights for women, an end to the Wars in Viet Nam and both Gulf wars.  I witnessed the downfall of aparthied in South Africa, the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Saw China decide to open its borders and allow outsiders in.  Remember the founding of the Black Panther Party and when Huey Newton, Bobby Seals and Eldrige Cleaver represented the strongest of strong Black men.  I remember Grace Kelly and how everyone watched her become Princess Grace of a small country most of us had never heard of.  Remember Emmitt Till and his face spread across the pages of JET.  Saw Shirley Chilsom become the first Black woman elected to Congress and the pride on women’s faces of all colors.

I remember watching Edward R. Murrow taking us to places we had never been.   I remember the sadness when he presented Harvest of Shame about the living conditions of migrant workers.  Was coming home from a class my first year in college when I learned Martin Luther King, Jr. had been killed.  A few months later my Mom, God Bless Those Who Went Ahead of Us, woke me up to tell me Bobby Kennedy had been murdered a few miles from our home.   With his death I believe the Goodness and innocence of the World was forever tranished.  Not gone,  but seriously tarnished.

Remember when everyone said James Brown was too wild and didn’t have the class to be on the Ed Sullivan show.  But one Sunday night a group of us went to a neighbor who had the only color television on the block and watched him glide down a set of stairs to sing and dance like only he could.

I remember when FM became popular and everyone started to discover Monk, Miles, Coltrane and a list of others who sound just as good today as they did  50 years ago.

I love to read and enjoy real theatre.  Too bad there is really nothing new out there.   Although it now seems corny,  was scared beyond belief when I first saw the Exorcist.

All of this is said, not to brag or be boustful.  But to let you know I have a memory that still functions.  Have seen the world at its absolute best and worst.

You, I and those who wish to join in are going to have a series of conversations, chats and interactions.  We are going to travel the world.  Hopefully in the process we will get to know one another and ourselves a lot better.  Remember there are no perfect people or perfect situations.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – I Am Still Black and Still Proud Of It.

As you can see this blog is divided into sections and I hope you find one that you love.

The Rules Are Simple

  1. No Hate.  Agree to disagree in a civilized manner.
  2. No racial slurs
  3. No gender bashing
  4. Be Truthful

Those who abide by the rules will be welcome to speak their mind.  Those who violate the rules will be blocked.  Remember this …..


Put Me Wherever You Need Me

Put Me In That Special Place

That Place Where All of Your Dreams Are


Put Me There in That Place Where You Hide from Your Fears

You Can Put Me Near

Or Keep Me At a Distance Until You Need Me

But Whatever You Do

Put Me Where You Need Me

and alway

Put Me Where There Is Love