Rats In South Carolina. Maybe Not

There is an old saying that what goes around comes around.   In 2002, Republicans and others, anxious to get rid of “controversial” 10 year Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney came up with a plan.  Georgia was an open Primary state which ment voters were not restricted by party affiliation from voting in Primary elections.  The plan was to place an unknown in the Democratic primary.  Knowing no one would vote for an unknown, Republicans were asked to “pull” a Democratic ballot and vote for the unknown Denise Majette.   The plan worked and Mckinney was defeated.  Majette went down in history as a one term Congresswoman who actually achieved little.

The amazing thing is despite undisputeable proof Republicans had hijacked the Georgia Democratic primary, the Democratic party did nothing.  In 2006 after McKinney was returned to her Congressional seat, the Republicans tried their old tricks again.  This time they placed a white male in the primary which resulted in a run off between McKinney and County Commissioner Hank Johnson.  Again, it was proven Republicans crossed over in mass to vote for Johnson.  Conservative radio stations reminded their listener if they had voted Democratic in the primary, they could vote Democratic in the run off.  They also told listeners if they had not voted in the primary they could now “pull” a Democratic run off ballot and vote against McKinney.   Johnson was able to defeat McKinney.

But there is more.  In addition to the Republic cross over, there were voter upon voters who stated the electronic voting machines had failed.  Some stated they were in nieghboring Congressional Districts yet McKinney and Johnson’s name appeared on their ballots.  There were those who voted for McKinney in the primary but were told they were outside the District for the run off.  There were tales of people who pressed McKinney but Johnson kept appearing.

What happened in South Carolina is a continuation of what happened in Georgia, Alabama and Maryland.  It is a continuation of the attempts by outsiders to dilute the power of Black voters by denying us to have representation that is responsive.  There is a lot of talk about Alvin Green, the South Carolina U.S. Senate seat.  To many it appears Mr. Green, an supposedly unknown beat another relatively unknown to capture the nomination.  Now that Mr. Green, who was given about as much chance of winning as I did winning Powerball.  Well maybe not.  Here are the facts.


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